Pepper Dem Gang: Biggie Blasts Housemates For Breaking Rules

Big Brother Naija Housemates of the ‘Pepper Dem Gang’ edition were on Thursday condemned for breaking the rules of the house.

Biggie blasted some of the housemates for speaking different Nigerian dialects in the house.

He also accused some housemates of the reality show of acting for the camera and not being themselves as they have failed to put their egos away.

Following their action, he decided to give the housemates a very low mark for their drama presentation, which was their task for the day, while issuing them a stern warning to be serious with activities of the house.

He warned them against focusing on the camera and seeking unnecessary attention, adding that if he wanted camera conscious housemates, he would have hired actors.

He also warned against speaking about the ‘viewers’ perception and diary sessions.”

He said, “Some of you cannot adhere to simple house rules. ‘Diary session conversations are meant to be private but you keep discussing it with your fellow housemates. You also discuss about what you think the viewers want or might like.”

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