Linesman Arrested After Knocking Goalkeeper Unconcious During Football Match

A goalkeeper has been knocked unconscious by a vicious linesman during a football game.

A linesman brutally knocked out a goalkeeper when a huge brawl erupted during a match. The 34-year-old, named as Lennert Bohmer, was arrested after he charged on to the pitch and floored the shot-stopper with a punch from behind.
He was left unconscious on the ground as his team-mates rushed to his side and desperately called for help. Paramedics treated the goalkeeper at the scene before he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.
Chaos erupted after a player was shoved to ground during the match between Hoofddorp club VV UNO and S.V. Geel-Wit in Holland.
Players got stamped on, punches were thrown and one player floored an opponent with a flying kick.
The linesman, who previously played for Geel-Wit, raced onto the pitch with his flag in his hand.
But he dropped the flag and charged towards the goalkeeper – who had just got back to his feet after a scuffle.
Bohmer, who was reportedly the chairman of the Geel-Wit youth committee, landed a huge right hook before players from both teams intervened.
It is understood that the incident is still being investigated by police before it is handed over to the public prosecutor.

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